Friday, February 6, 2009

Just You - Why You're enough

Hi, all. My name is Susan and I work at Real Life Recruiting. You can read all about me at if you're interested. Anyway, Frank wanted the staff to feel free to write something if we felt inclined and well, I do today.

I wanted to talk about getting a job, (well what else is there?) and how you don't necessarily need to have ALL the skills they list in their description. Why not, you ask? Because it's more the attitude that gets you hired than anything else. I mean, unless you're going for a job that requires specific skills like a doctor or software engineer or something. Let me give you an example. 

My roommate in college had never been a waitress but when she needed to find a job our sophomore year, she went to a huge job fair for a resort that was about to open. She was honest with the director and, as her personality was quick to show, outgoing, friendly and positive. He decided to hire her on the spot saying that, "you can always teach someone a skill, but you can't teach personality."

And this is true for any job that you are hired for. You'll be shown the process you have to use, how to work any databases or programs the company utilizes and all of that fun stuff. So, have faith, know that just you're enough with, or without your skills. 

-Susan Berry

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