Monday, January 26, 2009

New Thought for a New Week Real Life Recruiting Style

It occurred to me, over the weekend, that maybe I am not the only person in the office that knows this business and wants to say something. That is why I’ve decided to let anyone from the company who has a great blog thought, to blog. Besides, they say that diversifying is the way to go; no? 

So, my readers, don’t be surprised if you see co-workers’ names at the end of the blogs; they may just happen to have a better idea than me. And it would be counter-productive and just plain stupid of me to squash their creative juices. 

Now, as there are disclaimers with most things, I have to say that I don’t necessarily agree with, promote and/or accept what my fellow co-workers may have to say. I am, however, trusting their judgment not to get me into too much trouble.

 So, see you around. Possibly later, rather than sooner. 

- Frank Viarra

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